Making $300 per day takes time, effort and hard work. In order to make $300 per day you will need to develop multiple income streams. Some of those income streams will be passive income streams, meaning that there is very little you need to do to manage the income stream. Other will be active income streams and require attention from you every day. The logical thing to do would be to build as many passive streams of income, allowing for more free time to transition some of your active income streams to passive streams.

This blog is about developing both active and passive income streams with the goal of you being able to make $300 per day from them.

What is $300 per day in relation to a regular job? If you were to earn $300 per day at a regular job working 8 hours per day, you’re hourly pay would be $37.50. If you annualized that to a full year, working 5 days per week it would be the salary equivalent of a $75,000 per year salary.

What if we could make $300 per day, everyday, seven days per week? Well, that would be the equivalent of a $109,500 per year salary. Now we’re talking about a six figure income with our goal being to turn as much of this, if not all of it, into passive income.

Think of all of the things that you could do with your time if you were able to build a machine, or rather, a set of machines, that could make you $300 per day. You won’t get rich over night, but if you read through the posts on this site and apply the steps and techniques discussed you will be on your way to developing a passive income stream.

How to Sell Used Books Online

Selling used books online is a great way to earn side income. Finding and selling used books can be a great way to supplement your income. It can also be a stepping stone to building a passive income towards earning $300 per day. Selling used books online requires you to have a source of quality […]

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More ways to earn passive income recycling ink cartridges

I’ve written about making money with ink cartridges before. I think it’s an incredibly easy and great way to build a steady passive income without much effort. I believe that finding the right locations where a lot of ink cartridges and toner are used are the critical factors in building a successful side income from […]

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Make money delivering free firewood from Craigslist

The author of this fantastic ebook has updated for 2016. The updates include improved and increased ways to market your firewood products, creation of high-margin, high-profit firewood products and much, much more. This book is a must read if you’re looking for a way to earn consistent side income while doing some hard work. Start […]

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Earn Cash for Your Essays

If you’re taking college classes and already writing essays as part of your class load Cash4Essays.com will pay you to upload them to their website. Cash4Essays.com will pay your $2 for each essay that you upload and they accept.

Cash4Essays.com accepts well-written lab reports, annotated bibliographies, detailed essay outlines, etc. — basically, writing that would be assigned in typical high school or college courses. They don’t resell your essays so you don’t need to worry that your essay will be reused by someone else for their assignment.

Essays must be at least 225 words and must be original material. Cash4Essays.com won’t accept plagiarized material.

Cash4Essays.com pays monthly via PayPal on the first of every month.

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The Top 3 Places to Sell Used Books and Textbooks

There are many opportunities to make money reselling used books. Although more and more books are becoming available as e-books, there is a still a growing demand for traditional books. This is especially true for both college textbooks as well as any regular books that may be out of print.

The obvious places to sell books online is through the Amazon.com Marketplace, eBay, or the eBay company Half.com. While there is definitely some pros and cons to using these sites, the process for selling books, managing your book inventory and following the special shipping procedures required by Amazon and eBay adds extra work and effort and minimizes your profits and ability to turn items around quickly for a profit. There is also a lot of competition selling books through Amazon and eBay and in order to sell your book quickly you may have to drop your selling price to such a low price that you lose all potential profit.

Fortunately, there are a number of other websites that will purchase your books outright and even pay the shipping. Some of these websites only deal in college textbooks, others deal in traditional books as well.

Whether you buy your used books from your local library annual sale or from the bargain bins at your local Goodwill store, these three online merchants will provide you with the best prices and fastest turnaround times for you to get your cash in hand.

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Neobux.com is a waste of time

There are a lot of websites out there that make the claim of making quick and easy money but the amount of time and effort that you would need to spend to meet their minimum cash out levels is off the charts. Neobux fits into that category. Is Neobux a scam? I don’t think so, but it’s as close to it as you can get.

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Making money with Rewarding Ways

Rewarding Ways offers consumers several different opportunities for making money online. Rewarding Ways offers paid surveys, paid trials, and other opportunities for earning. They have a low cash cash out of $1.00 and allows you to transfer funds to Paypal, Skrill, Bitcoin and Payza. Rewarding Ways claims that you can easily earn $20 per day through their portal in just a short amount of time everyday. Their offers are typical low paying surveys and click through offers for other companies. Some of their offers require a trial signup for a partner offer.

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Make money by reconditioning batteries

Batteries are something that we all rely on everyday. Whether it’s to get our car started in the morning, keeping our laptop’s powered throughout the day, our cell phones connected, or even getting our lawn tractor started, batteries are all around us everyday. Over time, a battery becomes less and less effective at holding a charge and keeping a useful charge. Eventually, all batteries die and a dead battery is not only expensive, but inconvenient.

Most people dispose of batteries when they fail. Often times, they are just tossed in the trash along with everything else. Occasionally, they are recycled or in the case of car batteries, returned to the auto parts store for the “core” charge. When taking a battery to a metal recycler they will give you cash for the battery based on the weight of the metals inside the battery, typically $5 to $10.

What if there was a way that you could take dead batteries that people are disposing of and recondition them and give them a new life? It’s possible to take an otherwise dead battery, refurbish it, then resell it for a huge profit.

For less than $50 you can buy a complete online course that will teach you everything you need to know about reconditioning batteries that you can resell for a huge profit. You can download the battery reconditioning course course today and start making money right away.

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Multiple Streams of Income

The key to building long-term wealth and being able to sustain $300 per day is to diversify your income sources. Having multiple streams of income provides you with the security that if one of the income streams stops producing you still have other income streams that continue to bring in revenue.

The most important factor in building multiple streams of income is to develop income streams that are passive and don’t require much effort on your part to maintain. Passive income streams can include royalties from Amazon Kindle Books that you’ve written, royalties from videos, music or spoken word recordings that you’ve created and syndicated, affiliate programs that developed that are on autopilot. All of these methods require some effort on your part up front to create, but once you’ve developed each of these systems, the rewards will be ongoing.

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Is CashCrate legit?

CashCrate.com is another consumer online survey company that promises big payouts for people that sign up and participate. A lot of people wonder if CashCrate is a legitimate way to make some extra money, or is just a waste of time? When I signed up for CashCrate in 2016 I was given a $1.00 bonus […]

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