Month – November 2014

Make money online reviewing music

SlicethepieDo you like listening to new music? Do you like sharing new music with your friends? ShareThePie is a new service that pays you to listen to new music and provide your opinion. They claim that your input can influence what music gets played on the radio. To date they have paid out over $1,389,000. So if you want to make a little money listening to music, try out In addition to earning money from your own music reviews, offers a referral program that will pay you a percentage each time one of your referrals reviews a song. Building up a referral base will help increase your passive income stream and will help you build an automated system towards your $300 per day goal.



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Selling Balloons on Consignment to local bakeries

This idea requires a small upfront investment in time and money. However, with that in mind it could lead to a steady stream of extra income for you requiring very low effort. It also has the benefit of meeting local small business owners in your area that be useful at a later date.

Local bakeries have a steady flow of customers that are usually celebrating an event like a birthday or seasonal holidays. While local bakeries are great at making their product they aren’t always good at cross marketing complementary products. That’s where this opportunity fits in.

Go to your local party supply store and purchase several foil or mylar balloons with birthday or seasonal themes. The balloons should cost around $2.00 each.

colorful balloons flying in the skyTake your newly purchased balloons to a local bakery and pitch the owner or manager on consigning the balloons near the cash register. Set the retail price of each balloon at $4.00 to $5.00. Offer to split the profits of the balloons 50/50 and be sure that the owner knows the investment that you’ve already made in them. Explain to her or him that if these balloons sell well you’ll be able to provide the balloons at a lower wholesale cost down the road.

Don’t be discouraged if the first bakery owner or manager says “No”. Thank them for their time, leave your business card. He or she may change their mind and call you back. Then, drive to the next bakery and start your pitch with that bakery’s owner or manager.

Let a week pass and then go visit the bakeries that accepted your balloons. If they sold, collect your money and get feedback from the owner or manager on how well the balloons did.

You’ve now successfully established yourself as a vendor to local bakeries and provide them with a complimentary product they can offer to their customers.

Wholesale supplies for balloons can be purchased locally from party stores or often cheaper online. Helium tanks can be sourced locally from party stores or from a specialty gas company. Small disposable tanks can be purchased for around $20 and can fill 20-30 balloons. Larger tanks can be rented from a local wholesale helium supplier for usually a nominal cost, but will usually require a refundable deposit be paid on delivery.

Over time you’ll be able to reduce your cost per balloon to well below $1.00. As your costs decrease you can offer to continue consigning the balloons with your customers and split the higher profits. Or you could offer to have them purchase the balloons from you at a distributor cost that they can have greater control over the retail price.

You may make only $20-30 per week from each bakery. However, once you have ten bakeries on board you will start earning $200 to $300 per week in a business that requires only a few hours per week. Most of the work can be done one day per week.

Over time, look for additional retail locations that may be a good locations to sell balloons such as local florists. Also look for opportunities to connect with wedding planners and banquet halls. Weddings are a perfect opportunity to sell hundreds of balloons at a time.

After a couple months of streamlining your sales and operations of the balloons and continuing to reduce your costs, this business will lead to you making $300 in less than a day per week.


Reselling items from craigslist, tag sales, flea markets, Goodwill and consignment shops

Reselling items you find on or other online classified websites can be a great stepping stone on your way to making $300 per day. is an online classified ad website that is broken down into regional and city based sites with dozens of categories of items for sale.

One of the categories of the site that always keeps me going back everyday is the “Free” items category. The “Free” category on craigslist is for items that people think are useful to someone else but may not have much monetary value or they just don’t want to go through the hassle of selling the item or items to another person.

This section is oftentimes a section for the thrifty to keep an eye on, but it is also a way to find items that can either be resold immediately for a profit, or may need some minor refurbishing in order to flip them for a profit. In either case it’s something to keep an eye on.

Know Your Limits

I’ve seen all categories of items given away for free on craigslist. High ticket items like cars and boats, to major appliances, to firewood. Be sure to know something about the type of items you’re getting for free ahead of time and be sure to have someplace to store the items until you’re able to resell or refurbish.

For me, I know nothing about copy machines, their maintenance or what it takes to repair them.  I’ve seen a number of copy machines in the “Free” category on craigslist. Although they are often a high value item, I avoid getting them because I don’t know enough about each and every manufacturer’s and model’s maintenance and toner replacement costs. Depending on whether the machine was maintained properly and toner readily available for a low cost will impact the resale value of the machine.

Making a Living on Craigslist

Ryan Finlay, an entrepreneur living in Portland, Oregon, built a successful business around reselling used appliances that he found on Craigslist. His story, and the lesson’s learned are inspiring. He’s an example of an entrepreneur who created an opportunity out of demand and has been making a decent living working for himself and enjoying what he does.

How to make $300 every day

Making $300 per day takes time, effort and hard work. In order to make $300 per day you will need to develop multiple income streams. Some of those income streams will be passive income streams, meaning that there is very little you need to do to manage the income stream. Other will be active income streams and require attention from you every day. The logical thing to do would be to build as many passive streams of income, allowing for more free time to transition some of your active income streams to passive streams.

This blog is about developing both active and passive income streams with the goal of you being able to make $300 per day from them.

What is $300 per day in relation to a regular job? If you were to earn $300 per day at a regular job working 8 hours per day, you’re hourly pay would be $37.50. If you annualized that to a full year, working 5 days per week it would be the salary equivalent of a $75,000 per year salary.

What if we could make $300 per day, everyday, seven days per week? Well, that would be the equivalent of a $109,500 per year salary. Now we’re talking about a six figure income with our goal being to turn as much of this, if not all of it, into passive income.

Think of all of the things that you could do with your time if you were able to build a machine, or rather, a set of machines, that could make you $300 per day. You won’t get rich over night, but if you read through the posts on this site and apply the steps and techniques discussed you will be on your way to developing a passive income stream.