Passive Income Stream

How to Sell Used Books Online

Selling used books online is a great way to earn side income. Finding and selling used books can be a great way to supplement your income. It can also be a stepping stone to building a passive income towards earning $300 per day.

Selling used books online requires you to have a source of quality used books. There are several ways and places to source quality used books.

Sources for Quality Used Books

  • Library Book sales – Most local libraries have book sales once or twice a year. The used book sales are a way for libraries to clear out some space in their racks of books that haven’t been checked out in a while. Often times you can pick up quality hard cover books, many of them out of print, for just $1 or $2 each. Often, on the last day of the book sale, in order to clear out space, libraries will often sell books by the bag-load for just a couple of dollars.
  • Goodwill or Consignment Stores – Goodwill and other charity and consignment shops get lots of donations of books. Books can be found at Goodwill from less than $1 to a couple dollars each.
  • Garage Sales, Yard Sales & Tag Sales – Whatever they’re called in your part of the country, garage sales can be a great source of lots of books for very little money. People that are selling books at garage sales are usually happy to give someone a great deal on the price if they are buying multiple books or the entire book collection.

Be sure to also check out flea markets and other places in your area that may sell used books.

Selling Used Books Online

There are different ways and places to sell used books online. There are booksellers that will buy some books from you outright for a fixed price. These include and Valore Books.

These websites ask you to put the books ISBN numbers or barcode numbers into an online form. The websites will then generate a quote for the books that they will purchase and what the prices will be. It helps to check more than one site for different books because they will offer different prices for the same or similar book titles.

Other places to sell used books online, where you become the retailer, include,, and Each has it’s advantages and disadvantages. For example, selling books through will list your books on their site alongside the same title that they are selling as a product available from an alternative seller. Amazon also allows you to see prices that your book titles are selling for so that you can set your price accordingly. Oftentimes, out of print books can sell from a huge premium on

More ways to earn passive income recycling ink cartridges

I’ve written about making money with ink cartridges before. I think it’s an incredibly easy and great way to build a steady passive income without much effort.

I believe that finding the right locations where a lot of ink cartridges and toner are used are the critical factors in building a successful side income from ink cartridge collection. In my earlier post on the topic I talked about location placement with medical offices and law offices. In many areas, medical offices are often grouped together and I still believe placement in these locations is a great idea. Building relationships with the office managers is important.

Another great location placement idea for building a passive income business recycling ink cartridges is in or near schools. Schools make massive amounts of copies and printouts. Schools have all sorts of printers and copiers that consume a wide variety of ink cartridges and toner cartridges. Establishing locations in or near schools to collect ink cartridges provides numerous benefits, including:

  • Positive environmental impact by recycling ink & toner cartridges that would normally end up in a landfill
  • Placement in schools can provide a teaching and learning opportunity for teachers and students to learn about the benefits of recycling and reducing waste
  • Establishing a partnership with one or more groups or programs within a school that will provide them with a financial benefit for partnering with you (more on this below)

There are many opportunities to partner with schools to build your ink cartridge recycling business. Any type of school that prints anything can make a good partner and provide an ongoing passive income for your business.

Local School Districts

Traditional public schools in your community will usually have computers and printers in all of the classrooms. Even a small elementary school may have 20 or 30 printers. Often times there will be a single person or office that is dedicated to purchasing within a school or school district.

In other cases, introducing yourself to groups and the people that run extra-curricular activities at a school can be the driver for getting access to their ink cartridges. You can easily create a financial incentive for school groups to help you. Propose to them that you’re willing to donate a portion of the proceeds that you earn from their collection of ink cartridges to their program. Most school programs will dive at the chance to bring in extra money just by placing an ink cartridge collection box near their office. It’s also important to encourage them to notify the parents of the students in their program that they are collecting ink cartridges for recycling and they’ll make money from the effort.

Partnering with a school program like this can be a lucrative operation. Between the ink cartridges that are used by the school and any that are brought in by students it can add up quickly. In my experience with partnering with the music programs at three local middle schools and two local high schools I collect on average of around 100 ink cartridges per month during the school year. Since I’ve found a couple of different companies that are paying me around $3 per ink cartridge, I’m able to earn around $200 for myself and donate $100 per month towards the schools music programs. It’s a win-win for both of us and it only takes me a couple of hours per month to pick up the ink cartridges and sort them for recycling.

Colleges & Universities

Another place that I have found that is a great placement location for ink cartridge recycling collections is local colleges and universities. In particular, student dormitories.

Using a similar approach as I have with local public school music programs, I have made partnership with residence hall directors that provides a donation in exchange for putting a e-waste recycling collection box  in the lobby area of the dorm.

Most dorms have hundreds of students and all of them are constantly printing papers and projects for their classes. Each of the locations that I have partnered with in the dorms of a local university provides me with around 50 to 60 ink cartridges per month, per location, and they’ve been increasing every month since I started placing them there. So far at one local university I have four dorm locations and it only takes me about an hour or two every month to collect the ink cartridges and sort them for recycling. From these locations alone I earn around $600 per month for just a few hours work and donate back around $150 per month to the dorms.

As an added bonus, a couple of students have put old cell phones and batteries in the collection boxes. I have been able to resell the cell phones for a few extra dollars each and the batteries have been added to my scrap metal collection.

Start up supplies

There are a couple of things that you need in order to ensure successful ink cartridge collection this way. Each location needs a sturdy collection box that is clearly labeled with what you’re collected. I’ve used both cardboard boxes and plastic containers designed for e-waste collection. In my experience the plastic containers cost a little more but last longer. The plastic bins also look more professional and can easily handle being located in a busy corridor.


double-bin-with-labelsDouble Bin with replaceable label inserts available from Amazon







All together, through my partnership with local schools and universities, I’ve been earning around $1,200 per month in just a few hours work collecting and sorting ink and toner cartridges. Most of the locations continue to grow month after month. Most of the time I will stop by and do the collections while I’m out and about running other errands nearby.




Earn Cash for Your Essays

If you’re taking college classes and already writing essays as part of your class load will pay you to upload them to their website. will pay your $2 for each essay that you upload and they accept. accepts well-written lab reports, annotated bibliographies, detailed essay outlines, etc. — basically, writing that would be assigned in typical high school or college courses. They don’t resell your essays so you don’t need to worry that your essay will be reused by someone else for their assignment.

Essays must be at least 225 words and must be original material. won’t accept plagiarized material. pays monthly via PayPal on the first of every month.

Making money with Rewarding Ways

Rewarding Ways offers consumers several different opportunities for making money online. Rewarding Ways offers paid surveys, paid trials, and other opportunities for earning. They have a low cash cash out of $1.00 and allows you to transfer funds to Paypal, Skrill, Bitcoin and Payza. Rewarding Ways claims that you can easily earn $20 per day through their portal in just a short amount of time everyday. Their offers are typical low paying surveys and click through offers for other companies. Some of their offers require a trial signup for a partner offer.

With their low payouts and frequent offers I can see how spending a few minutes a day on the Rewarding Ways website can add up. While you’re probably not going to be earning $300 per day from Rewarding Ways the rewards they offer and quick cash outs will help things add up quickly.

Multiple Streams of Income

The key to building long-term wealth and being able to sustain $300 per day is to diversify your income sources. Having multiple streams of income provides you with the security that if one of the income streams stops producing you still have other income streams that continue to bring in revenue.

The most important factor in building multiple streams of income is to develop income streams that are passive and don’t require much effort on your part to maintain. Passive income streams can include royalties from Amazon Kindle Books that you’ve written, royalties from videos, music or spoken word recordings that you’ve created and syndicated, affiliate programs that developed that are on autopilot. All of these methods require some effort on your part up front to create, but once you’ve developed each of these systems, the rewards will be ongoing.

Diversifying into multiple streams of income also allows you the opportunity to test new programs and develop new systems to increase your income over time while minimizing the risk of failure. Not every attempt at building a passive stream of income will be a success, and finding the right niche that you can develop doesn’t happen overnight.

The key to success is to keep trying and trying until you achieve the results that you want.

Get Paid for Freelance Work with Payoneer and get $25 free

Payoneer is a global payment service similar to PayPal. Payoneer allows you to get paid from many companies that are hiring freelancers online. Whether you’re moonlighting as a freelance web developer on UpWork, or writing articles for blogs and magazines, or performing transcribing or translation services, many of the companies will pay through Payoneer. Payoneer offers an account that can accept funds from practically any source. The funds in your account can be transferred to your regular checking or savings account or can be accessed directly with a Mastercard Debit card that is directly linked to your Payoneer account balance.

Signing up for Payoneer is free. Payoneer also offers a referral program. By signing up through the referral program you will receive $25 free once your account is set up and receiving funds. Payoneer also pays a $25 commission to the person who referred you. Once you’re signed up for the Payoneer service you can begin making your own referrals and earn a $25 commission each time one of your friends on colleagues signs up.

Payoneer can be a great way to earn a steady amount of side income while your performing freelance work and getting paid for it.

Create passive income from YouTube

As we talked about previously there is money to be made from creating publishing your own YouTube videos. YouTube monetizes all of the videos on it’s platform through display and pre-roll advertising. YouTube shares a portion of that revenue with publishers as a way of recognizing and rewarding people that create content that is watched by lots of people.

The amount of money that people report making from their YouTube videos varies from as much as $1 per 25 views to $7 per 1,000 views. The wide variance depends on the content of the videos and how the viewers consume your content.

It’s reported that YouTube only counts views towards the payable CPM  when the viewer watches at least 30 seconds of your video.

Some widely popular niche’s on YouTube that command a huge viewership that you can use as a basis for creating your own content and channel:

  • Unboxing videos – Do you buy a lot of new products from the store or from Amazon? People watch videos of other people opening product packaging for the first time. This phenomenon of shopping voyeurism has a large following on YouTube and has a variety of sub-niche’s that are generating a lot of revenue for some of the publishers. Children’s toys, new electronics, video games and other popular items command a lot of viewers.
  • Makeup Instructional Videos – Do you have a knack for makeup techniques? Teaching others the basics of applying different types of makeup and other fashion or style related tutorials continues to be a hot topic on YouTube for niche content providers. Some people are racking up tens of thousands of view per day which equates to a big payday for them.
  • Survival Tricks – Maybe you’re niche is teaching people how to start a fire with an ice cube or how to build a shelter from empty soda bottles. If you have a niche on how to survive in the outdoors and can instruct others you could become the next YouTube outdoor survival guide. Bear Grylls had better watch out.
  • Life Hacks – Video content that shows basic everyday life hacks is another niche that continues to get a lot of views online. Maybe your niche is showing people how to turn repurpose everyday objects into other useful things.
  • Arts & Craft Projects
  • Cooking/Recipe Instructions
  • Video Game cheats and hacks


Get Paid for Writing

There are a lot of companies that are always looking to hire freelance writers for a variety of writing tasks. The writing tasks can include:

  • writing copy for advertising or marketing programs
  • writing articles for magazines
  • guest writing blog posts
  • ghost writing manuscripts or ebooks
  • and more…

When you’re first starting out as a freelance writer it can be difficult to find jobs that pay well. However, there are several great sources for finding paying freelance writing work while still honing your skills. Most companies offer payments via Paypal, Payoneer or other online payment processors. Still others prefer to pay through transfer to a checking account. Regardless of how you get paid, the important part is finding the paying writing gigs.

Most of the paid writing sites will require you to take and pass several grammar, writing and editing tests. The tests are designed to test your proficiency in both the English language as well as your knowledge of specific styles of writing.

Where to find paid writing assignments and gigs:

While most companies will pay you as a work for hire there are other ways in which you can earn royalties for your writing. One of those ways is through writing ebooks and self publishing them through the Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) platform. Books that you publish through the Amazon KDP program can earn up to a 70% royalty each time your book is sold through the Amazon Kindle store.

Amazon Kindle books come in all sorts of formats, shapes, sizes and lengths and can be written about any topic that you want. They can be fiction or non-fiction and you can set the selling price for your books. Most Kindle ebooks are priced from 99 cents to $9.99.

Make Money w/Instagram – InstaProfitGram

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Build a steady income stream making YouTube videos

You can make money with YouTube. Beyond that, you can build a steady income stream from YouTube. YouTube places ads either before a video (pre-roll) or as a banner ad over the low section of a video while it’s playing.

How It Works
When you post unique videos to YouTube you can monetize your channel and YouTube will share a portion of the revenue’s generated from ads played alongside your videos.

You associate a Google Adsense account with you YouTube account. In 2014, on average, YouTube paid out $7.60 per thousand video views. So a content provider that averages 100,000 view per month could expect to earn around $760 per month from their unique content, around $25 per day. While it’s nowhere close to the $300 per day, but having some fun producing how-to videos or gadget unboxing videos in your spare time can build up your passive income stream putting you on your way to earning $300 per day in passive income.

What kind of videos can you make?
Almost anything can become an overnight viral sensation on YouTube. However, don’t expect to wake up tomorrow and find that the video of your cat playing with a cardboard box is going to get you a million video views.

Research on YouTube shows that some of the types of videos that get consistent plays are those that demonstrate something, such as DIY home improvement techniques or how-to videos demonstrating a skill. Also videos that show the unboxing and assembly of the latest toys or electronics and gadgets are high in popularity. The key is to find something that you enjoy doing that you are knowledgable at and can demonstrate.

Maybe you’ve got a side business baking organic all-natural dog treats and you can demonstrate your recipes and preparations. You can also leverage YouTube to sell your wares in this case.

Perhaps you’re great at crocheting scarves, maybe it’s forging hand-crafted knives from raw steel, or juggling bean bags. Everyone has some skill or talent that they can share with others and YouTube is an excellent medium for sharing that skill or talent. In addition to providing ways to monetize your skill.

YouTube does have some do’s and do nots.

From YouTube:

Examples of videos that could be eligible include:

  • You filmed your cat and there is no background music.
  • Your video contains royalty-free music, and you can prove commercial rights using direct links to the song and applicable license.
  • Your friend’s band wrote and recorded a song for your video and states in writing that you can use and make money from it.


Your video is not eligible if it contains content that you didn’t create or get permission from its creator to use. You need to be able to show written permission for the following video elements:

  • Audio: copyrighted sound recordings, live performances, background music, etc.
  • Visuals: images, logos, software, video game footage, etc.
  • Any other content you don’t own worldwide commercial usage rights to.

Examples of videos that are NOT eligible

  • Your video contains a song you purchased for personal use (e.g., bought on iTunes or in a store) but didn’t obtain a commercial license.
  • You found a video on the Internet and you cannot prove that it’s in the public domain.
  • You are singing words of your favorite copyrighted song and there is copyrighted audio in the background, such as instrumental or karaoke tracks.
  • You have used content from someone else without permission, but you haven’t yet received a copyright notice on your video.
  • Your video does not provide proper attribution or credits as required by a license.

If your video is not eligible, it may be removed from YouTube.