Pet Care

Services for dog owners

Lots of people love dogs. If there is one thing about dogs that is certain is that they need attention. Whether its feeding, walking, playing or cleaning up after, dogs need attention daily.

While pet owners love their dogs, they might not always have enough time in the day to take care of¬†everything. That’s where you come in. Offering your dog loving services.

Dog Walking

Most dogs need lots of exercise. Some only need a few minutes per day, others may need a few miles per day. One thing is for certain that a well exercised dog is generally a happy, satisfied dog. Many of today’s dog owners have busy work and personal schedules and often times their dogs don’t get enough exercise. Dog walkers can easily earn $20 per dog per hour of walking. If you can find a few customers in the same neighborhood that need their dogs walked on a daily basis or even a few times per week, you should be able to easily earn $60 to $80 per hour walking dogs.

Yard Clean Up

Many people have fenced in yards where their dogs roam. The dogs will do their business and homeowners hate to have to pick up after their dogs. Yard clean up involves walking around a yard and cleaning up all of the dog waste so that the homeowners don’t have to. Many find this to be a valuable service and will gladly pay someone else to do it. The key to this aspect of your dog care business is to price your services accordingly to the neighborhood you’re working in. If you’re already walking dogs for some people it should be easy to upsell them with this additional service.

You can schedule visits so that you clean up the yard once or twice per week. The pricing is based on the size of the yard, multiplied by the number of dogs that the person owns. For example, if your typical customer lives in an average size suburban sized home plot of 5,000 square feet, you can easily charge $20 per visit per dog to clean up pet waste from their yard. A yard this size should only take 20 to 30 minutes to clean up.

If their yard is larger, then obviously it will take you longer to perform the cleanup, and you should charge an additional amount accordingly. So if someone has a yard that is 7,500 square feet, that’s 50% larger than the first example, and your charge per visit per dog should be 50% higher, or $30. If someone who’s yard is this size has two dogs, then your cost per visit should be $60. Depending on your area and the customers you may want to build in discounts into your pricing to make it more attractive, especially for people that own more than one dog and larger plots of land.

Pet Sitting

The same customers that you have for walking dogs and cleaning up after their dogs may need to travel or go on vacation from time to time. Being available as a pet sitter will help you increase your revenue and still be able to have time to provide services to others.

In most cases, pet sitting involves once or twice daily feedings (depending on the dog’s feeding schedule), followed by twice per day walkings. The amount you charge a dog owner may depend on the frequency of your visits while their away as well as the needs of the dog. Some dogs may require special needs or care while their owners are away and this should always be factored in with what you would charge per visit.

Starting a canine care business is easy. To get started, all you need to do is find a place to put up some flyers advertising your dog walking services with your phone number. Having some business cards printed will make your services seem more professional and will give people something easy to take away from your flyer advertisements.