Create passive income from YouTube

As we talked about previously there is money to be made from creating publishing your own YouTube videos. YouTube monetizes all of the videos on it’s platform through display and pre-roll advertising. YouTube shares a portion of that revenue with publishers as a way of recognizing and rewarding people that create content that is watched by lots of people.

The amount of money that people report making from their YouTube videos varies from as much as $1 per 25 views to $7 per 1,000 views. The wide variance depends on the content of the videos and how the viewers consume your content.

It’s reported that YouTube only counts views towards the payable CPM  when the viewer watches at least 30 seconds of your video.

Some widely popular niche’s on YouTube that command a huge viewership that you can use as a basis for creating your own content and channel:

  • Unboxing videos – Do you buy a lot of new products from the store or from Amazon? People watch videos of other people opening product packaging for the first time. This phenomenon of shopping voyeurism has a large following on YouTube and has a variety of sub-niche’s that are generating a lot of revenue for some of the publishers. Children’s toys, new electronics, video games and other popular items command a lot of viewers.
  • Makeup Instructional Videos – Do you have a knack for makeup techniques? Teaching others the basics of applying different types of makeup and other fashion or style related tutorials continues to be a hot topic on YouTube for niche content providers. Some people are racking up tens of thousands of view per day which equates to a big payday for them.
  • Survival Tricks – Maybe you’re niche is teaching people how to start a fire with an ice cube or how to build a shelter from empty soda bottles. If you have a niche on how to survive in the outdoors and can instruct others you could become the next YouTube outdoor survival guide. Bear Grylls had better watch out.
  • Life Hacks – Video content that shows basic everyday life hacks is another niche that continues to get a lot of views online. Maybe your niche is showing people how to turn repurpose everyday objects into other useful things.
  • Arts & Craft Projects
  • Cooking/Recipe Instructions
  • Video Game cheats and hacks


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