Earn money recycling inkjet and laser toner cartridges

There are many companies that are paying top dollar for used ink jet and toner cartridges. Prices range from around $1.00 for low end common inkjet cartridges and over $20 for some of the higher end laser and copier toner cartridges and drums. Many companies in your area are probably just dumping their used cartridges in the trash. There is a tremendous opportunity for you to turn their waste into a business that brings in a steady cash income stream.

Your opportunity is in collecting used cartridges from companies that are just dumping their inkjet and toner cartridges in the trash. You will want to survey the types of offices in your area that may be heavy consumers of inkjet and toner cartridges. Law firms & doctors offices consume lots of ink printing out steady stream of documents and invoices. They are a great place to start when looking scouting out locations for this opportunity. I suggest that you start by calling larger firms and ask to speak with their office manager. The office manager is most likely the person responsible for ordering and swapping out inkjet and toner cartridges.

Tell the office manager that you are an inkjet and laser toner recycler and ask how they dispose of their cartridges. They may already be in a program where they send their old cartridges back to the manufacturer for recycling. There are several manufacturers that offer this type of services. Some provide some sort of credit when returning the cartridges. However, most do not. They simply provide a shipping label to return them. If they tell you that they throw their inkjet and toner cartridges away ask if it would be possible for them to set their used cartridges aside for you to pick up once per month, or more frequently if they use a lot of ink.

They may tell you that they send their inkjet and toner cartridges back to the manufacturer for recycling. Ask them what benefits, if any, they receive from that program. Most of the time they don’t receive any benefit aside from a free shipping label to return the used toner cartridge. Tell them about how recycling with you provides local benefits.

Before you start calling think about your sales pitch. Each year more than 350 million ink cartridges will end up in land fills in North America alone. The plastics used in manufacturing ink cartridges and the trace amount of inks inside them contain toxic chemicals. If not recycled ink cartridges that end up in land fills will eventually leach those toxic chemicals into the soil.

Independent studies have proven that recycled ink cartridges have a carbon footprint that is one third that of new cartridges. Use these facts and others you find through research to become an authority on the environmental impact ink cartridges have in landfills.

Once you’ve landed an office to join your recycling program, pick a day to visit the office and meet the office manager. It’s important to have business cards printed up with your contact information. During your visit provide the office manager with your business card and schedule a date in advance when you will retrieve their cartridges for recycling. Oftentimes, they will already have some cartridges set aside for you to take with you that day.

Some companies that purchase empty and used inkjet and toner cartridges include:

Be sure to check out each sites list of cartridges that they are buying and how much they are paying for each. One company may only be paying $1.00 for a specific inkjet cartridge while another may buy the same cartridge for $5.00.

It should not take long before you’ve enrolled 10 to 15 offices in your recycling program. You should be able to visit all of the offices in one day per month. Anticipage how much you’ll be able to collect from each office by asking the office manager about their ink usage. If you can schedule your pickups on days when you’ll be able to pick up a dozen or so toner cartridges and a few dozen inkjet cartridges you should be able to resell them for a couple hundred dollars.

During your pickups, look around for other nearby offices. Walk in and speak with the receptionist and ask if there is an office manager you can speak with. If not, it may be the receptionist that also acts as the office manager. Be sure to sell her on the benefits of ink cartridge recycling and provide her with your business card and contact information.


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