Get Paid for Writing

There are a lot of companies that are always looking to hire freelance writers for a variety of writing tasks. The writing tasks can include:

  • writing copy for advertising or marketing programs
  • writing articles for magazines
  • guest writing blog posts
  • ghost writing manuscripts or ebooks
  • and more…

When you’re first starting out as a freelance writer it can be difficult to find jobs that pay well. However, there are several great sources for finding paying freelance writing work while still honing your skills. Most companies offer payments via Paypal, Payoneer or other online payment processors. Still others prefer to pay through transfer to a checking account. Regardless of how you get paid, the important part is finding the paying writing gigs.

Most of the paid writing sites will require you to take and pass several grammar, writing and editing tests. The tests are designed to test your proficiency in both the English language as well as your knowledge of specific styles of writing.

Where to find paid writing assignments and gigs:

While most companies will pay you as a work for hire there are other ways in which you can earn royalties for your writing. One of those ways is through writing ebooks and self publishing them through the Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) platform. Books that you publish through the Amazon KDP program can earn up to a 70% royalty each time your book is sold through the Amazon Kindle store.

Amazon Kindle books come in all sorts of formats, shapes, sizes and lengths and can be written about any topic that you want. They can be fiction or non-fiction and you can set the selling price for your books. Most Kindle ebooks are priced from 99 cents to $9.99.


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