How to make $300 every day

Making $300 per day takes time, effort and hard work. In order to make $300 per day you will need to develop multiple income streams. Some of those income streams will be passive income streams, meaning that there is very little you need to do to manage the income stream. Other will be active income streams and require attention from you every day. The logical thing to do would be to build as many passive streams of income, allowing for more free time to transition some of your active income streams to passive streams.

This blog is about developing both active and passive income streams with the goal of you being able to make $300 per day from them.

What is $300 per day in relation to a regular job? If you were to earn $300 per day at a regular job working 8 hours per day, you’re hourly pay would be $37.50. If you annualized that to a full year, working 5 days per week it would be the salary equivalent of a $75,000 per year salary.

What if we could make $300 per day, everyday, seven days per week? Well, that would be the equivalent of a $109,500 per year salary. Now we’re talking about a six figure income with our goal being to turn as much of this, if not all of it, into passive income.

Think of all of the things that you could do with your time if you were able to build a machine, or rather, a set of machines, that could make you $300 per day. You won’t get rich over night, but if you read through the posts on this site and apply the steps and techniques discussed you will be on your way to developing a passive income stream.


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