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Make money delivering free firewood from Craigslist

The author of this fantastic ebook has updated for 2016. The updates include improved and increased ways to market your firewood products, creation of high-margin, high-profit firewood products and much, much more. This book is a must read if you’re looking for a way to earn consistent side income while doing some hard work. Start a firewood business

Craigslist is a bountiful source free firewood. Whether it be from trees that had fallen during a storm, or that a homeowner recently had cut down by an arborist. An arborist will charge a homeowner for hauling off and processing trees that they cut down.

Often, a homeowner will opt to have the arborist leave the wood where it lay rather than pay for it to be hauled off and disposed of. Usually this wood is cut into 2 foot or 4 foot sections. These sections are easily processed into firewood that can be resold to customers for a profit.

To acquire the firewood, just keep an eye on in your areas “free” section on craigslist. In the New England area, there are often as many as 6 to 10 new listing for free firewood every week. Many times this wood is in the form of hardwood logs from fallen trees. Occasionally, you will stumble on an add for free firewood that has been cut, stacked and seasoned.

Of course, you will need a pick up truck or a utility trailer to be able to pick up the wood. You will also need the ability to split the wood, either with an ax or a log splitter. And you will need a place to store the wood in preparation for sale. If the wood is fresh cut, you will need to let the wood sit split and stacked for at least 6 months to season it before you can sell it.

What’s the best way to market and sell your new firewood products? Well, craigslist of course? It’s easy and simple to create an ad on craigslist advertising your firewood product.

For more in depth information on starting a firewood business you can download the ebook Starting a Firewood Business: A Primer on Creating a Firewood Business In Your Spare Time
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Making money with Rewarding Ways

Rewarding Ways offers consumers several different opportunities for making money online. Rewarding Ways offers paid surveys, paid trials, and other opportunities for earning. They have a low cash cash out of $1.00 and allows you to transfer funds to Paypal, Skrill, Bitcoin and Payza. Rewarding Ways claims that you can easily earn $20 per day through their portal in just a short amount of time everyday. Their offers are typical low paying surveys and click through offers for other companies. Some of their offers require a trial signup for a partner offer.

With their low payouts and frequent offers I can see how spending a few minutes a day on the Rewarding Ways website can add up. While you’re probably not going to be earning $300 per day from Rewarding Ways the rewards they offer and quick cash outs will help things add up quickly.

Make money by reconditioning batteries

Batteries are something that we all rely on everyday. Whether it’s to get our car started in the morning, keeping our laptop’s powered throughout the day, our cell phones connected, or even getting our lawn tractor started, batteries are all around us everyday. Over time, a battery becomes less and less effective at holding a charge and keeping a useful charge. Eventually, all batteries die and a dead battery is not only expensive, but inconvenient.

Most people dispose of batteries when they fail. Often times, they are just tossed in the trash along with everything else. Occasionally, they are recycled or in the case of car batteries, returned to the auto parts store for the “core” charge. When taking a battery to a metal recycler they will give you cash for the battery based on the weight of the metals inside the battery, typically $5 to $10.

What if there was a way that you could take dead batteries that people are disposing of and recondition them and give them a new life? It’s possible to take an otherwise dead battery, refurbish it, then resell it for a huge profit.

For less than $50 you can buy a complete online course that will teach you everything you need to know about reconditioning batteries that you can resell for a huge profit. You can download the battery reconditioning course course today and start making money right away.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about battery reconditioning

  • Is Reconditioning the Same as Recharging Your Battery?
    No, reconditioning is very different from recharging. Importantly, in contrast to recharging a battery – which will restore its charge for just a limited time – when you recondition it, you can restore it to its full original capacity.
  • What types of batteries can be reconditioned?
    All types of batteries can be successfully reconditioned, from deep cycle/gel types to the usual 12V car battery. Even the newest car batteries available can be restored via standard lead acid battery reconditioning techniques.It is worth investing a little time to better understand the various battery types out there and how they are best handled to improve battery life to give you valuable background info before you take the next step of reconditioning.
  • How much money can I earn reconditioning car batteries?
    It depends. A new car battery costs somewhere between $60 to $120 depending on the type, size, capacity and manufacturer. Some speciality automotive or industrial batteries can cost as much as $500 to $1000 new. The amount of money you make from reconditioning a battery is going to depend on the size, type and capacity of the battery. But on the low end you can wholesale refurbished car batteries to local mechanics for $25 to $35 per battery. Depending on the types of batteries you are reconditioning, you can easily earn a few hundred dollars per day with just a few hours of effort.

Selling Balloons on Consignment to local bakeries

This idea requires a small upfront investment in time and money. However, with that in mind it could lead to a steady stream of extra income for you requiring very low effort. It also has the benefit of meeting local small business owners in your area that be useful at a later date.

Local bakeries have a steady flow of customers that are usually celebrating an event like a birthday or seasonal holidays. While local bakeries are great at making their product they aren’t always good at cross marketing complementary products. That’s where this opportunity fits in.

Go to your local party supply store and purchase several foil or mylar balloons with birthday or seasonal themes. The balloons should cost around $2.00 each.

colorful balloons flying in the skyTake your newly purchased balloons to a local bakery and pitch the owner or manager on consigning the balloons near the cash register. Set the retail price of each balloon at $4.00 to $5.00. Offer to split the profits of the balloons 50/50 and be sure that the owner knows the investment that you’ve already made in them. Explain to her or him that if these balloons sell well you’ll be able to provide the balloons at a lower wholesale cost down the road.

Don’t be discouraged if the first bakery owner or manager says “No”. Thank them for their time, leave your business card. He or she may change their mind and call you back. Then, drive to the next bakery and start your pitch with that bakery’s owner or manager.

Let a week pass and then go visit the bakeries that accepted your balloons. If they sold, collect your money and get feedback from the owner or manager on how well the balloons did.

You’ve now successfully established yourself as a vendor to local bakeries and provide them with a complimentary product they can offer to their customers.

Wholesale supplies for balloons can be purchased locally from party stores or often cheaper online. Helium tanks can be sourced locally from party stores or from a specialty gas company. Small disposable tanks can be purchased for around $20 and can fill 20-30 balloons. Larger tanks can be rented from a local wholesale helium supplier for usually a nominal cost, but will usually require a refundable deposit be paid on delivery.

Over time you’ll be able to reduce your cost per balloon to well below $1.00. As your costs decrease you can offer to continue consigning the balloons with your customers and split the higher profits. Or you could offer to have them purchase the balloons from you at a distributor cost that they can have greater control over the retail price.

You may make only $20-30 per week from each bakery. However, once you have ten bakeries on board you will start earning $200 to $300 per week in a business that requires only a few hours per week. Most of the work can be done one day per week.

Over time, look for additional retail locations that may be a good locations to sell balloons such as local florists. Also look for opportunities to connect with wedding planners and banquet halls. Weddings are a perfect opportunity to sell hundreds of balloons at a time.

After a couple months of streamlining your sales and operations of the balloons and continuing to reduce your costs, this business will lead to you making $300 in less than a day per week.