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Make money delivering free firewood from Craigslist

The author of this fantastic ebook has updated for 2016. The updates include improved and increased ways to market your firewood products, creation of high-margin, high-profit firewood products and much, much more. This book is a must read if you’re looking for a way to earn consistent side income while doing some hard work. Start a firewood business

Craigslist is a bountiful source free firewood. Whether it be from trees that had fallen during a storm, or that a homeowner recently had cut down by an arborist. An arborist will charge a homeowner for hauling off and processing trees that they cut down.

Often, a homeowner will opt to have the arborist leave the wood where it lay rather than pay for it to be hauled off and disposed of. Usually this wood is cut into 2 foot or 4 foot sections. These sections are easily processed into firewood that can be resold to customers for a profit.

To acquire the firewood, just keep an eye on in your areas “free” section on craigslist. In the New England area, there are often as many as 6 to 10 new listing for free firewood every week. Many times this wood is in the form of hardwood logs from fallen trees. Occasionally, you will stumble on an add for free firewood that has been cut, stacked and seasoned.

Of course, you will need a pick up truck or a utility trailer to be able to pick up the wood. You will also need the ability to split the wood, either with an ax or a log splitter. And you will need a place to store the wood in preparation for sale. If the wood is fresh cut, you will need to let the wood sit split and stacked for at least 6 months to season it before you can sell it.

What’s the best way to market and sell your new firewood products? Well, craigslist of course? It’s easy and simple to create an ad on craigslist advertising your firewood product.

For more in depth information on starting a firewood business you can download the ebook Starting a Firewood Business: A Primer on Creating a Firewood Business In Your Spare Time
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Get Paid for Freelance Work with Payoneer and get $25 free

Payoneer is a global payment service similar to PayPal. Payoneer allows you to get paid from many companies that are hiring freelancers online. Whether you’re moonlighting as a freelance web developer on UpWork, or writing articles for blogs and magazines, or performing transcribing or translation services, many of the companies will pay through Payoneer. Payoneer offers an account that can accept funds from practically any source. The funds in your account can be transferred to your regular checking or savings account or can be accessed directly with a Mastercard Debit card that is directly linked to your Payoneer account balance.

Signing up for Payoneer is free. Payoneer also offers a referral program. By signing up through the referral program you will receive $25 free once your account is set up and receiving funds. Payoneer also pays a $25 commission to the person who referred you. Once you’re signed up for the Payoneer service you can begin making your own referrals and earn a $25 commission each time one of your friends on colleagues signs up.

Payoneer can be a great way to earn a steady amount of side income while your performing freelance work and getting paid for it.

Earning money online with Amazon Mechanical Turk

The Amazon Mechanical Turk program is a crowdsourcing internet marketplace where software developers and businesses post tasks that need to be completed by humans. These are tasks that vary but require some human thought, action or decision making. Some tasks pay very little, pennies per task, other provide a more lucrative payout, especially longer tasks or ones that require some sort of special knowledge or language translation.

Mechanical Turk tasks rewards range in value from a few cents per item up to $50 or $60 per task. Many of the higher earning tasks involve transcription of different types of media, including video and audio files, into text based documents. The transcription can be voicemail messages, legal depositions, medical transcriptions and other related things.

In order to get into the higher earning tasks you may need to take a qualification test in order to prove you are capable of performing the tasks satisfactorily. Once you have passed the qualification test you will have access to the higher earning tasks.

While you may need to put in some effort becoming qualified for the higher earning tasks, the rewards are worthwhile. Tasks that pay $50 and up may take an hour or two to complete. Completing just a couple of these tasks each day can easily earn you more than $300 per day.

Make Money Working as a Translator

If you’re bilingual or know more than one language then you can make easy money online translating and interpreting documents and other texts, transcribing foreign language videos and other work.

RealTranlatorJobs.com provides real translation jobs doing:

  • Translating simple documents
  • Translating simple emails
  • Adding subtitles to online videos
  • Translating simple books

Companies are desperately looking for people to translate and are willing to pay top dollar for bilingual people that want to earn money online.

  • Work with established, REAL companies and individuals.
  • Work from home, full or part time.
  • Set your own hours.
  • Choose to get paid in US dollars or in your own currency.
  • Get paid with Paypal, Xoom, bank deposit, check or even Western Union!

Some frequently asked questions about RealTranslatorJobs.com:

Q: I’m not totally fluent in English, can I still make money?
A: Yes, certainly. Not everyone can speak perfect english, in fact 99% of people who speak English as a second language do not. Many of these jobs are very simple, so even if your English is not great, you will still definitely have an opportunity to get some great translator jobs you can do right from your home. We also have some amazing tools to help you translate words you may not know making your work very easy!

Q: How much money can I make?
A: Your earnings potential is really up to you. The harder you work, the more you can make. There are many translators earning well over $100,000 USD a year. If you work hard and actually follow the instructions, it is possible you can also. Using the tips and resources found in RealTranslatorJobs.com, and putting in a good effort, there is a good chance you can make a very solid income.

Q: What countries are eligible to join?
A: Citizens of ALL countries can join.

Sign up today at RealTranslatorJobs.com

Making Money Reselling Cardboard Moving Boxes

cardboard moving boxMoving between houses and apartments is one of those chores that no one really likes to do, but sometimes it’s necessary to do. One of the biggest expenses in moving (aside from hiring the moving company) is buying boxes and packing materials.

Moving boxes and packing materials can get expensive. Especially true if you are packing up and moving a 3 bedroom house. Moving.com estimates that to move an average 3 bedroom house with two adults it will take 45 medium boxes, 31 large boxes, 13 extra-large boxes, 9 picture boxes and 4 wardrobe boxes. With each box costing between $2.20 up to $12.00 buying boxes can add up quickly! In this case, $413! This is just for boxes!

This doesn’t include paper to wrap dishes or bubble wrap for wrapping valuables. Those are add-ons that add considerable cost to the price of moving.

After someone has invested all this money in boxes and has moved from one place to another, in most cases, inevitably, the boxes are then thrown into the garbage or recycling bin. Other times, people will post their moving boxes to the free section craigslist or one of the freecycle email list hoping that someone can reuse what they no longer need. This is where our opportunity is.

Collecting discarded moving boxes and reselling them for profit.

In most cases moving boxes can be reused 3 to 5 times before they start to fall apart. To collect boxes, just keep an eye out for online posts for people giving away free boxes. Once you’ve built up a decent collection of boxes you can post ads either online or in places like the post office, super markets, storage units offering your recycled boxes for a discounted price.

Be sure your ads show a comparison of prices between your price and the full retail price of a comparable new box so that the financial benefits are immediately noticeable by the potential buyer. I recommend pricing your boxes 30-50% lower than new boxes. The price difference, especially to a customer that knows they’re going to need a lot of boxes, will make a huge impact on their savings and will make the decision for them easy.

If you’ve got the space to store the boxes your inventory can almost be limitless. Once you’ve made a couple of sales you may be able to get a feel for some other things that people need for moving such as bubble wrap, plain newswrap paper, and packing tape. These items in bulk can be bought much cheaper from companies like uline.com and others.

For example, moving.com sells bubble wrap at a retail price around $0.20 per foot. Bought in bulk from uline.com that same bubble wrap can be as low as $0.13 per foot. There are also opportunities in tape. A case of 36 rolls of tape can be purchased for a little as $1.25 per roll while the average retail price is closer to $4.00.

In our scenario above for a 3 bedroom house, they would need at least 100 feet of bubble wrap and 3 to 4 rolls of tape. Add on items can easily increase the value of each sale by 10-25%.

Statistically people move more often in the mid to late spring months. If you plan ahead and stock your inventory through the fall and winter months you should be able to make 3 or 4 sales per week during the spring months. With the average sale $250-$300 you could easily earn $1,000 per week for very little effort.

Don’t forget to co-market your box recycling company with your ink cartridge and toner recycling income stream.

Make money online reviewing music

SlicethepieDo you like listening to new music? Do you like sharing new music with your friends? ShareThePie is a new service that pays you to listen to new music and provide your opinion. They claim that your input can influence what music gets played on the radio. To date they have paid out over $1,389,000. So if you want to make a little money listening to music, try out SliceThePie.com. In addition to earning money from your own music reviews, SliceThePie.com offers a referral program that will pay you a percentage each time one of your referrals reviews a song. Building up a referral base will help increase your passive income stream and will help you build an automated system towards your $300 per day goal.



Reselling items from craigslist, tag sales, flea markets, Goodwill and consignment shops

Reselling items you find on craigslist.org or other online classified websites can be a great stepping stone on your way to making $300 per day. craigslist.org is an online classified ad website that is broken down into regional and city based sites with dozens of categories of items for sale.

One of the categories of the site that always keeps me going back everyday is the “Free” items category. The “Free” category on craigslist is for items that people think are useful to someone else but may not have much monetary value or they just don’t want to go through the hassle of selling the item or items to another person.

This section is oftentimes a section for the thrifty to keep an eye on, but it is also a way to find items that can either be resold immediately for a profit, or may need some minor refurbishing in order to flip them for a profit. In either case it’s something to keep an eye on.

Know Your Limits

I’ve seen all categories of items given away for free on craigslist. High ticket items like cars and boats, to major appliances, to firewood. Be sure to know something about the type of items you’re getting for free ahead of time and be sure to have someplace to store the items until you’re able to resell or refurbish.

For me, I know nothing about copy machines, their maintenance or what it takes to repair them.  I’ve seen a number of copy machines in the “Free” category on craigslist. Although they are often a high value item, I avoid getting them because I don’t know enough about each and every manufacturer’s and model’s maintenance and toner replacement costs. Depending on whether the machine was maintained properly and toner readily available for a low cost will impact the resale value of the machine.

Making a Living on Craigslist

Ryan Finlay, an entrepreneur living in Portland, Oregon, built a successful business around reselling used appliances that he found on Craigslist. His story, and the lesson’s learned are inspiring. He’s an example of an entrepreneur who created an opportunity out of demand and has been making a decent living working for himself and enjoying what he does.